Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!!

I am so chuffed!! I came home late last night and found a Beautiful Blogger Award waiting for me from Michelle !! Thanks Michelle, you made my day/night/week!!

So this is a fun award that comes with a few rules, share 10 things about yourself and pass it on to other Beautiful Bloggers.

So, here is 10 things about me (it's really hard to think of 10 things people might actually want to know!!) ........

1. I have been a Stampin' Up! Demo since October 2008, I joined the same week I started my job at ANZ bank as prior to that I didn't have the flexibility to do anything like this.

2. I have two beautiful children, Ryan is 4 1/2 and Alannah is 3, I work 2 days a week but get to spend the rest of my time with them :) I have been happily married for 5 years to my husband Andre.

3. I joined SU thinking that I would do a few workshops to pay for my kit and a few more things that I wanted and then just be a hobbyist. Well, fast forward 20 months and I am now a Manager with a team of 12!!

4. I have been stamping for 17 years and scrapbooking for nearly 5 years. I have done almost every kind of craft you can think of but keep coming back to stamping :)

5. I have a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accounting and Finance) but next year I am going to go back to uni and do my Graduate Diploma in Education to become a teacher! Stampin' Up has woken up the creative side of my brain!!

6. I have a lovely group of friends who all get together twice a year and hire a house so we can
scrapbook and stamp all weekend long. Can't wait for the next one!!

7. I am a Coke-a-holic. I don't drink coffee so it is my caffeine fix

8. I had gastric banding surgery 2 years ago and lost 25 kgs. Imagine how much I could have lost if I gave up the Coke!!

9. As a teenager, I was a member of the Western Australian State Girls Chorale and sang at the Sydney Opera House!

10. My sister came on my honeymoon! My husband has his own business and one of his biggest jobs scheduled a week into our honeymoon to Singapore. So instead of cancelling the whole thing, my husband flew home early and my sister flew out to spend another week with me! It was the best of both worlds really!

Phew! That was hard! The next bit is harder though! I have to pick a few people to send it on to! I admire MANY bloggers so this is just a small selection. I went through my Convention swaps to find the ones that appealed to me most and also tried to give it to people who haven't
received it before :)

I hereby award the Beautiful Blogger Award to.......

Ok, thats all I can manage! It took me all day to come up with these ones as there are SOOO many gorgeous blogs out there!!

Will be back in a day or so to post the cards from this month's workshops :)


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