Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Perfect Career!

I found this yesterday and thought it was a great description of what it is like to be a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!!

A woman walked into the office of the personnel manager of a large company and said:
“I’ve decided to come and work for your company, but there are a few things I feel you should be aware of before I start. First of all, I will only be working a couple of days a week and when I do come in, it’ll only be for about three hours at a time.”
“If I want to make plans to go somewhere with my family during such times as Christmas, New Year, Easter or school holidays I will do so without anyone asking me questions about it and if some family difficulty arises, I will arrange for postponement of my work until I can get back to it.”
“As a salesperson for this company, I will do the best job I can, but I expect the company to provide all the incentives and awards needed to encourage my customers to buy our products. Please be sure the incentives and awards are changed on a regular basis to keep up the interest and motivation.”
“With regards to compensation, I would like a percentage of everything I sell. Let’s say $30 or more per hour, plus bonuses if I do a better than average job. I also expect you to offer me a variety of awards such as gifts and prizes just for doing my job.”
“Oh, and by the way; if I decide to become a manager with your company, I will expect additional bonuses paid to me on my personal sales and the sales of all people connected to me.”
By now the personnel manager was in convulsions of laughter but managed to say, “I don’t know where you are from lady, but there is no such job in the world as the one you’ve just described!”
“Well, I beg to differ”, the woman said, “my friend has just joined party plan and that is exactly the kind of job she has!”

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Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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